12 November 2008

Parts & Labor Concert- A Great Success!

I jsut wanted to thank everyone who showed up for the concert with Parts & Labor last night. It was a really awesome show in my opinion. Goth Conglomerate opened the evening with a few laughs for everyone, and then we got to hear some awesome music from a talented group who is definitely on the up-and-up.

Almost 90 people came to Artspace for the show last night. I know it was a late event for a Tuesday evening, and many of you had to leave because you had school the next day, but we all really appreciate your supporting the station and the artists who performed.

I just wanted to post some pictures in this blog article and give you a link to some video I took last night in case you missed anything.

I also wanted to explain something else that you might have seen at the show last night. There were several people wearing black t-shirts painted with graffiti-type stencil work. These were shirts that I made as a performance art project for a multimedia writing class. The t-shirts had two lines of poetry printed on front and back, and each shirt was a different piece of the poem. The idea was to have a poem published on t-shirts and have the poem constantly moving about the room. The actual poem itself was written by me, Tyler, and was an homage to bad love songs/poetry. And the significance of having the poetry constantly moving and changing is relevant to how the same ideas in literature get rehashed in different ways by different people.
Thank you again for coming to show, and double thanks to those of you who came to show and also helped me finish my English homework by wearing one of my shirts!

Here's the poem in it's entirety:

A Dead Language: Poetic

I know my words hang wet on my lips.
So my heart will pump in Poetic-
The language of those who love someone-
The tongue of the black and red Poetic.

A dedicated, lovely, little heart-
He will translate my words to Poetic.
I'll look to the sky for the Satellite.
Red Heart says, "Lover's moon!" in Poetic.

And a man named Smith, who is dead today,
Whispered words to my ear in Poetic.
But a girl in my arms, who was there tonight,
Taught my heart to beat in Poetic.

So I thought, I think I'll dream in Poetic.
I think, I'll understand in Poetic.
I want Her to know me in Poetic.
So I'll tell her, "I love You"- Poetic.

--Tyler Davis 9/9/06

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Casey said...

so i just want to say that even though i didn't think i liked indi rock i totally do and the show was great and remember Caleb don't stare