13 January 2008

Updates...we like the cowbell! give me more!

by Dyxie

So, here's some big updates. First, the schedule situation, then some updates on projects we're working on, and finally a talk on Battle of the Bands '08.

Our schedule has been pretty darn empty if you've been tuning in. This is because of our winter break here at Centenary College of Louisiana. That's kinda how we have to roll. Of course, if you get bored visit our podcast. This week we'll have two meetings to get some people plugged into the schedule and beef up this semester. It'll be a riot.

Some of the things that we've been doing over the break have been pretty enlightening. First off, we're working on more music and issue oriented content for air and our podcast. We have an interview with the lead for the Buthole Surfers coming up too. I'm currently working on a narrative/audio documentary covering the curbside recycling that Shreveport has adopted. This should be an interesting piece, but we'll see how much time I have now that classes are rolling. I hope to get it done in two weeks. Stay tuned on that.

Finally, KSCL and the Centenary Homecoming Committee is bringing you the 5th Annual Battle of the Bands. This calls for a new entry!

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