27 January 2008

Hot Chip - Made in the Dark (KSCL Review)

London's Hot Chip is back again...

Just when you thought that you were stuck with The Warning (o6's release) you get a new splash of electro dance beats.

the ruff and dirty:
Release Date: Tuesday, Feb. 5
Record Comp: DFA/Astralwerks
Store: iTunes, Amazon

If you are a virgin to Hot Chip, then Made in the Dark is a fine place to get started, but (*cough) you'll eventually need to go back and check out the older tapes.

The new album opens with a slow electronic hum growing into a beat that eventually explodes at 1'7". The song then morphs into a fast beat that's, well "funky cheap". The next song, Shake a Fist, has some interesting secrets up its sleeve. Right around 1'53" there's a break for "Sounds of the Studio" then straight back to a revamping of the original song. I'll leave "Sounds of the Studio" up for you to figure out. Oh yeah, did I mention wild trance splashes and yelling? Check, double check.

Ready for the Floor is adorable. It's the track to give to your, erm, bee eff eff. Then, down to number 5, We're Looking for a Lot of Love. It captures a intimate moment between two people that turns rather sour:

"Underneath a burning tree,
That is where she brought me,
That is where she bound me,
Nobody found me."

#7, Made in the Dark, gives us another side of the pro-dance Hot Chip. This track is quite melancholy and lonely, but there's still that Hot Chip magic. And that Hot Chip magic makes it worth buying an all-around great record. One of the best for 2008, wait and see. I'll call it now. #1 in CMJ in three weeks.

Here's a link to Made in the Dark (#7 on the album) creds to stereogum.com, an indie mp3 download site. iTunes has the album out for pre-order now with an exclusive version of and Bubbles They Bounce and My Brother is Watching Me going only with the pre-order.
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