29 January 2008

A Solar Powered Centenary

photo by riosgerman
It's a great 100th Anniversary for Centenary in Shreveport, and that doesn't stop with renewed environmental efforts. For the 2008-9 year, the college should be working with the city of Shreveport and Pratt industries on the city-wide recycling program (stay tuned for more on this). But this spring, the main concern is to get solar panels on top of the library.

The Centenary Environmental Association (CEA), the college's environmental organization, is promoting an event called "Chains for Change." The organization plans to 'chain' President Kenneth Schwab, Head of Residence Life Kevin Wagner, and two professors to a tree on Earth Day (April 22). However, there is a cost: $300 for each person.

Members of the CEA will be hanging out at lunchtime to collect student, faculty, and staff contributions. Individuals can also stop by the offices of the 'tree huggers' to donate in person. There can't be anything better than slipping a $20 bill in Kevin's bucket, right in front of him.

For more information and to get involved (whether student or not) contact Jeanne Hamming at jhamming@centenary.edu.

The event is not limited to just Centenary. Anyone wishing to donate and support getting renewable energy in Highland should contact Jeane Hamming or us at the radio station. We can be reached at 318-869-5296.

Kevin Wagner: bottom floor, Student Life Office
President Kenneth Schwab: top floor, Hamilton Hall
Jeanne Hamming: Jackson 313
Scott Chirhart: Mickle 208

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Kathryn Usher said...

awesome. i'm saving pennies as i type.