23 June 2010

Top 30 Battle for This Week of 6/25/10

Hi folks, it's Zakk! Your friendly music director. I decided to go back to blog about the KSCL Top 30 and inform our listeners and readers about the coolest, newest music for you to know about! Now since our show is on Friday from 3 to 6pm, I don't want to ruin anything or any surprises we might have on the show. In order to keep the show a surprise, I will talk about the Top 5 artists in no particular order. Without further a due, here is the Top 5.

Fools For Rowan makes their way back on to the big Top 30. These guys were charting with us at the beginning of the 2010 year and in the past month, they did a re-release of their newest album with Tinderbox Promotions. Fools For Rowan has a sound of strong rock that you as a listener will appreciate. This five band from Nashville will not only be in the years to come, but they might go, well... Mainstream! Fools For Rowan definitely is the band to listen to and their music will make you want even more! Be on the look at because they might perform here in Shreveport.

The Black Keys have been riding on the countdown for the past 3 weeks and this week they find themselves banking in the Top 5. These guys are very popular with a lot of our listeners and they continue to grow in fan support here in Northern Louisiana. Recently on their website, the band posted a new video for the song Too Afraid To Love You. The video takes place live in the studio where they recorded the album. Also featured on their website is a tour schedule. If you happened to find yourself going to Oakland, CA or Portland, OR, then might a suggest the Black Keys as something to check out for you summer adventure.

Where start with Tobacco.... Well this band is a spin off of Black Super Moth Rainbow. I feel like that is a good start. If you remember in 2008, that was when Tobacco release their first album Fucked Up Friends, then you must remember how awesome Tobacco was. "Street Trash" (Fucked Up Friends) was one of the most popular songs here at KSCL and still is. "Street Trash" is probably played at least 3 times a month if not more. It's that damn catchy, I swear. Anyways, where was I... Oh yes, Street Trash may have been a great song, but stand back. Tobacco team up with who? That's right, Beck! The coolest track to have at the parties now a days would have to be "Fresh Hex" (Maniac Meat) with Beck himself. Currently the song is one of the most played songs off Maniac Meat. So stand aside "Street Trash", there's a new track in town and it's "Fresh Hex"!

Beth Thornley finds herself this week cashing herself in the Top 5 again this week. Beth is an awesome performer and her music will make you want to move all over the place. This is Beth's fifth week on the Top 30 and she doesn't seem to be slowing down for that number one spot. Beth's most popular song at the station currently is the Wash U Clean song. This song is well-crafted and very enjoyable for the listening ear. The begins with a horn playing the main melody for the song and then not too much later adds in the percussion and singer. One of my personal favorite lines out of the song is in the chorus, "You got the match and I got the gasoline". Finally the artwork for the album rocks and the colors of orange, red and yellow make it the perfect summer album. Lookout!


The Depreciation Guild jumps up high on the Top 30 this week moving up not only into the Top 10, but into the Top 5! These guys have been on the countdown for a total of 4 weeks. Currently, the Depreciation Guild release a single on their website called "Dream About Me". This track is offer is available on 7'' vinyl and that rocks. Depreciation Guild is a lot of fun and it is great to listen to the entire album. So if you are looking to chill out for the summer, check out the Depreciation Guild and cool off from the summer heat.

Who will win this week on the countdown? Will Beth Thornley heat up the competition and find herself at number one? Will Depreciation Guild freeze everyone with their cool tracks? Will Black Keys team-up brotherly with another artist? Will Tobacco use their crazy luck to achieve number? Or will Fools For Rowan tie up all the competition and steal that number one spot? Tune in Friday from 3-6pm to find out!

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