22 June 2010


Hey kids,

I should probably introduce myself as well. You might know me as Kirk Reedstrom, your humble host from 10pm-12am Tuesday nights, guiding you through the sound-scape that is Jazz and what have you. After my own little hiatus known as mono, I am back and better than ever. So hold onto your seats, drive around or sit at your computer (how ever it is you listen to my show) I'm on the search for even more new and exciting Jazz and Blues to grace your ears.

So much stuff is going on right now in my small part of the KSCL world. We've got some Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey that's about to hit the airwaves soon. While I miss their old bassist, Reed Mathis (effects guru and bass virtuoso), their new lineup is sick. I'm not sure how I managed to miss this, but in case you did too, you can download JFJO's album Winterwood for free from their site. Idunno how many Phish fans we have out there, but I can't stop watching the tour promo videos they've been posting lately.

That's about all I've got to share with you people now, so until next time, I'm off like Fluffy McCloud.

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