22 June 2010

An announcement from your newly appointed Program Director:

Hey, kids; bet you don't remember me, Austin Price, the man once responsible for seeing you through the terribly dangerous time period that spans 12 in the evening to 2 in the morning on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. After a too-long hiatus, I'm back now, doing things that might signify my movement up in the world: where once I was a lowly DJ, answering to the slave driver of a program director above me, I am now that very same slave master, here to push the lowly DJs beneath me around until they quit out of frustration with my iron rule (little do they know what our DJ contract says: this shit is for LIFE).

But I kid, I kid. I simply mean to tell you fine folks that from now on, I will be back on the radio, writing for this blog and generally being a much bigger presence around the station. So, for those of you aspiring to be DJs, just send those applications to austinaprice@gmail.com; same to you with any questions about this business, any information I might need, and even that information I don't know I need!

So thanks, everyone, and I hope to make this a rather fine senior year for myself and everyone around me. Let's hope you feel the same!

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