22 June 2010


Hey kids,

Wow...Would you look at that. Two posts and now a third? Wait, whats that...3 POSTS IN ONE DAY!!!??? This stuff be mad crazy yo.

Anywho, I was searching through my email inbox and came across this email that said this:

KSCL people,
I play with Astrid Pierce, a four-piece Brooklyn, NY-based rock and roll band, drawing from influences such as My Bloody Valentine, Television, Joy Division, the Verve, and Nirvana.
By now, you should have received a copy of our most recent release, The Mainline Mile EP, via AAM. We'd love for you to have a listen and pass it on to any DJ that may be interested in adding Astrid Pierce to their playlist.
Also, if you're able, we'd like to welcome you to post "Shakin' on the 1 Train"
Thanks very much for your time and consideration! We look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Craig Harff and Astrid Pierce


I took a listen to their EP and thought, "Yea, this is pretty good." So I said why the hell not?

"Astrid Pierce is an independent rock and roll band from Brooklyn, NY.
The band has inescapably catchy lyrics, resonant guitar style, haunting violin, primal drumbeats and punchy Beatle-bass. Combining to make a sound that channels Nirvana's unpolished plangent honesty, the Beatles' pop sensibility, The Edge’s guitar techniques and the Everly Brothers' vocal harmonies, all folded into an Oasis-like wall of sound." -Astrid Pierce Press

So yea. The little spiel above is pretty true.

Ok Ok. I get it. TL;DR (Too long, Didn't Read)

Click the below for something cool

Link to Song for Download
http://astridpierce.com/Astrid Pierce- Shakin' on the 1 Train.mp3

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Anonymous said...

THANKS for posting this! We're excited you listened! - Astrid Pierce