29 June 2008

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby

We here at KSCL are always about the newest and hippest things. And I'm posting now to tell you about the newest, hippest thing that will bring the public closer to station. No, it's not online streaming (it's coming! I promise!). It's a little website called Spinitron.

Before I explain, a brief history lesson about KSCL (sorta): Did you know that we have paper playlists from all the way back in the 90s? No, well I'm sure a lot of people don't know this, because the public never gets to see these playlists. For every show, a DJ writes down the song he or she plays recording band name, album name, and sometimes record company. Up until now, these playlists have only been useful to the music director.

Well not anymore. Spinitron is a playlist management website that will connect our lovely audience to the DJ shows in a whole new way. DJs will be able to update their playlists automatically while on air. Not only can the public see what's being played, they can also go back and find out what song was being played at what time during a certain show.

Currently Spinitron is in a testing phase for us at KSCL. For now, only staff shows will have live playlists with the older DJs soon to be trained. Hopefully all summer DJs will be accustom to using Spinitron instead of written playlists by the end of the month.

And for the second time this summer, I manage to be the first to do something. My show on June 8th was the first official show of summer programing and today I was the first staff member to put Spinitron to use. You can check out The Sound and the Fury's first online playlist here!


Schleuss said...

I'm totally excited about Spinitron. We originally found the service via Jennefer Waits at spinningindie.com

Sammy said...

me likie!

Anonymous said...

Finley is the coolest DJ ever. She is so unique and I really enjoy listening to her in the mornings. She makes me laugh and I love listening to her poems. I wish she were on more often!!

L. said...

that molly broderick chick is pretty freakin' cool! awesome dj! :)

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