24 June 2008

Punk/Indie Show at H and H to feature Shreveport, other cities

Spencer & Co. are working up a punk/indie show. It's going to be quite the riot. It all goes down tonight at the H&H Lounge. Starts at 6pm.

The lineup includes:
Atrocity Solution (Wausau, WI), Nino Zombi (Mexico City Mexico), Krush Klamath (Portland), and local bands: Sunday Mass Murder, Ono! and Jack Blasphemy. Live art by Paul Garner will also be on site.

Door is $7, but it'll get you a chance at winning some awesome prizes from 3rd Eye Tattoo and T-shirts from yours truly.

My radio show will be running from 6-8p, but I'll be at the H&H as soon as possible. Maybe I'll see you?

Atrocity Solution - Streets Laced with Hate [mp3]

SBFG link


Anonymous said...

This flyer says Tuesday June 24th. Today is obviously Tuesday June 23rd.


Anonymous said...

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