09 June 2008

Calling all KSCL Alumi!


Today was a good day for the staff here at KSCL. We had a meeting with Kathy Fell and Fred Landry to help us figure out ways to raise money and discuss the on going growth of the station. We decided to pump fundraising into overdrive. With the end of the fiscal year approaching, both Kathy and Fred hope we can garner some support from our alums through a phoneathon-type deal. So if you're a KSCL alum, don't be surprised if you get a phone call soon.

After the meeting, Tyler and I made a stab at cleaning around the station. We managed to move all the vinyl into the "Vinyl Frontier" closet and in doing so, I now have a whole new area to put cds! That means I won't have to get rid of as many cds as I had thought. Soon I can start reorganizing everything and the library will be truly awesome. The picture to the left is the closet that is filled to the brim with vinyl. Unfortunately, it's not in any sort of order, but that's least of my worries right now.

After digging around some more, Tyler and I nicknamed the closet, the "History Closet." As you can see, the old board is now living there, along with a case of 8-tracks and old 78s we found.

I believe the rest of the week will be devoted to figuring out the new logistics of the cd library and training to call all the alums. Summer Springboard starts next week and KSCL will have a table set up during the resource fair. Hooray for recruiting the first-years before they even officially start!

Now if it wasn't so blasted hot.

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