06 June 2008

Top 30 Domination?

If you tuned in to the Top 30 this week, you must know the number one album of the week. That's right, Death Cab for Cutie with their new cd "Narrow Stairs". Right now, Death Cab for Cutie seems to be what the DJs, the community, and the listeners want to hear, but did Death Cab for Cutie really dominate the other bands on our chart? Their competition this week were as: Mates of State at number 2, Happy Anarchy at number 3, The Royce at number 4, and Gnarls Barkley at number 5.

(#2) Mates of State's new album "Re-Arrange Us" features more piano and organ unlike their previous albums. Even though "Re-Arrange Us" has pretty melodies and sing-along choruses, their lyrics talk of losing fights and cold sweat. This album is all around good giving it an album star rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

(#3) Happy Anarchy's new album "Reset" has an alternative rock style. Some of their influences have been Radiohead, Modest Mouse, and The Flaming Lips. What makes Happy Anarchy a fascinating band is their combinations of the ever-present guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard mix with some trumpet, sax, violin, congas, and group vocals that creates a type of symphony sound. This album had a drop in last week's Top 30 countdown, dropping from number 2 to 3.

(#4) The Royce's new album "Burn Out Bright" has been tearing it up on our charts. This band uses muscular guitar, driving grooves and solid songwriting blend to present a powerful delivery. This week The Royce climbs the chart to number from #6 last week to #4 this week.

(#5) Gnarls Barkley's new album "The Odd Couple" has the same type of genre like the last album, that great funk mix to it. All this cd makes me want to do is dance my socks off. With the great beats and amazing vocals the music pulls you like taffy. This week they jump up two spots on our countdown to #5.

Each one of these bands have climbed to the top at a fast pace, but will they be able to beat Death Cab for Cutie for the number 1 spot on our next top 30? Tune in on Wednesday from 3-6pm with your DJs Caz and Zakk to find out who wins this epic battle!

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