20 August 2008

Don't You Dare Miss Rhythmic Gymnastics

No, don't worry faithful readers, the KSCL blog isn't dead! It's just these past few weeks have been blisteringly uneventful. Summer broadcasting has plodded along and will come to an end this Saturday. The target date for starting Fall Broadcasting is currently set as September 15th. Sorry to all those listeners who found some favorite new shows over these past few months. With any luck, most of your favorite DJs will be returning soon enough.

Centenary begin a new term on August 25th and all the new first years have started to flood the campus. I'm excited at the wealth of new DJs our little station could possibly have. The name of the game is recruiment and it goes into action this Sunday at the Organization fair.

Like I said before, not much has happened as of late (aside from that whole "Jon leaving" bit). Fear not, however, more posts will come as more stuff occurs. For now, go enjoy the last week of summer and the last week of the Olympics.

PS - Curbside recyling started on Monday. A cry of "Finally" was issued from those of us who filled up the can in the first week.

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