23 November 2007

KSCL Presents the Winks LIVE

KSCL presents the Winks Thursday, November 29. The show will be downtown at Artspace located at 710 Texas Street and begins at 7:30 pm. The Winks are a delightful and colorful art-folk-pop band from Montreal, Canada. And I am personally excited to be working with them and having the chance to see them live. There will be a $5 admission charge to see the Winks with opening act the Funz.

More info about the Winks here:
"mandolin/cello, boy-girl, art-pop freakout immediately brings a smile to my face. Too talented to be dismissed as novelty act, this is pure musical lunacy at its best."
- Chart Attack

Todd Macdonald and Tyr Jami met at fishing camp when they caught the same fish. They've been inseparable ever since. They began as an improvised cello and mandolin duo but quickly began writing songs and releasing limited edition CDRs.

In 2004 they released a full length on Swim Slowly Records, in 2005 they did a split with Tights on Drip Audio/Universal and in the fall of 2006 released the critically acclaimed Birthday Party on Ache Records. Birthday Party was produced by the production team JC/DC (New Pornographers, Destroyer ,Tegan and Sarah) and included the talents of Andy Dixon (The Red Light and Secret Mommy) and Juno award winning violinist, Jesse Zubot.

Imminently, The Winks are leaving on a 60+ date tour across North America and Rhino Flying and Ache Records is releasing their limited edition tour EP Chorus Girls.

"Like Frog Eyes mashed with baroque chamber music filtered through early 60s girl-band pop. The Vancouver group eschews traditional indie instrumentation while embracing willfully obscure lyrics and calliope-esque melodies."
-See Magazine

"great swells of instrumentation show the band maturing in real-time. For proof, look no further than the darkly elegiac "0[]." Or, if you'd rather stay on the celebratory side, stick to tracks like "Slumber Party Let's Go." Either way, you're getting a gift."
– Spin Magazine

They have shared the stage with Akron/Family, Architecture in Helsinki, Think About Life, Au Revoir Simone, Rusty Santos, Jesse Zubot, The Robot Ate Me, They Shoot Horses Don't They, SNFU, Secret Mommy, Karl Blau, The Red Light Sting and hundreds more. The Winks have also appeared as on albums by The New Pornographers and Raffie.

16 November 2007

When Science and Politics Collide: Understanding Global Climate Change

Dr. Jeanie Hamming, Sara Eich, and Dan Kersting weigh in on the current situation surrounding the global climate change "debate." Here you are!

06 November 2007

The Gunshy Coming KSCL! A FREE Show for the Public!

The Gunshy
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Kay, another post in class, right before my computer dies from no more power.

Regardless of my laptop-power drainage, KSCL is hosting a free show for the public (all ages) this Saturday, Nov. 10 @ 7:30pm behind Turner Art Gallery on Centenary's campus. Again, this show is free and open to the public, so come out and support [free] live music in Shreveport. Invite your friends!

The show will include The Gunshy and Judson Claiborne from Chicago. The Gunshy's has a Tom Waits-y vocals and an indie-acoustic feel.

Turner Art Gallery is located on the corner of Rutherford and Centenary Blvd.

MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/thegunshy

Squeaky Shoes??

Honeywell Center #2
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We're doing a lot of things internally and we've been super busy getting ready for them all. That's why I'm writing this post in class.

Tonight, if you tune in after 5p you might here something not-so-familiar. We'll be airing Centenary Basketball starting tonight with a Women's game at five. So, if you live in the area, you can hear the G-word and L-word until March on our station. We're in the process of updating our google calendar page to show what shows will be cancelled and/or moved. Most of our DJs will be moving their shows. I'll be focussing more on Johnny Panic (Wed. @ 10p).

This move will be good for Centenary, KSCL, and the community. I hope that you guys enjoy the games, and if not, well then just tune in some other time. Again, our schedule online has the detailed info.

Thanks for your patience!
Jon Schleuss

02 November 2007

[Music Review] Prints- Prints

Prints- Prints

Have you heard the new album by Prints? No, not ‘Prince’ - Prints!

This self-titled debut is a must for fans of collaborative jam, progressive rock, or electronica. Most of the songs on this album start out with either a simple rock or keyboard tune and the next thing that one hears is the jam vocals of mouth-made wah-wahs and whistles. This is due to the band’s nature to improvise lyrics.

Prints has a tendency to make all their music in a studio setting and the vocal are usually laid down in two takes after twenty minutes of free verse jamming. So what one hears on the final recording has most likely only been recorded twice or three times. This is made possible as the band does make use of several electronic do-dads to create a masterful symphony of something like a barbershop quartet meets Devo.

If you are one who is a big fan of driving around in your car singing “la-la-la-la, do-do-do-do!” to tunes that you make up off the top of your head, then you would probably love the musical styling of Prints. Certain fun and uplifting tracks such as “Easy Magic” or “Too Much Water” will make you feel less alone in your car if you friends have refused to ride with you due to your… creative nature.

[Music Review] Cass McCombs- Dropping the Writ

Cass McCombs- Dropping the Writ

Dropping the Writ is Cass McCombs third album. And this is one of the most dynamic pieces of modern musical talent you will experience. Some songwriters claim to gain inspiration from a Muse, but McCombs seems to go a step further in capturing the Muses themselves in his songs. Melodies are so defined yet intangible; one may feel the urge to sing along to his songs, but will soon find that any attempt is thwarted by his beautiful, light-as-air vocals.

The music itself is hard to define in terms of genre. There seems to be various forms of rock, folk, pop, and psychedelic. There are tracks such as “Pregnant Pause” that are seductive in the melodic form, and use of the acoustic guitar patterns run wild under an angelic pop vocal. Other tracks such as “That’s That” tend to sound like the ghost of a Sex Pistols song; instead of anger set to thrash, it’s the persistent spirit of Punk Rock possessing the Beatles and James Taylor.

Musically speaking, Dropping the Writ is an auditory experience that is best understood just by taking the time to listen to it. The songwriting alone is a talent that I would not expect to be coming from anyone in today’s music arena. The folk elements alone hearken back to a time when writing music was about telling a story, yet the pop elements scream out that this is not musical snobbery and that everyone should enjoy this music. In my opinion, and on my honor as an experienced music-lover, a musician, and a music director at a fine radio station I say without reserve that the tracks on this album are what pop music today should be but isn’t.