06 November 2007

Squeaky Shoes??

Honeywell Center #2
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We're doing a lot of things internally and we've been super busy getting ready for them all. That's why I'm writing this post in class.

Tonight, if you tune in after 5p you might here something not-so-familiar. We'll be airing Centenary Basketball starting tonight with a Women's game at five. So, if you live in the area, you can hear the G-word and L-word until March on our station. We're in the process of updating our google calendar page to show what shows will be cancelled and/or moved. Most of our DJs will be moving their shows. I'll be focussing more on Johnny Panic (Wed. @ 10p).

This move will be good for Centenary, KSCL, and the community. I hope that you guys enjoy the games, and if not, well then just tune in some other time. Again, our schedule online has the detailed info.

Thanks for your patience!
Jon Schleuss

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