23 November 2007

KSCL Presents the Winks LIVE

KSCL presents the Winks Thursday, November 29. The show will be downtown at Artspace located at 710 Texas Street and begins at 7:30 pm. The Winks are a delightful and colorful art-folk-pop band from Montreal, Canada. And I am personally excited to be working with them and having the chance to see them live. There will be a $5 admission charge to see the Winks with opening act the Funz.

More info about the Winks here:
"mandolin/cello, boy-girl, art-pop freakout immediately brings a smile to my face. Too talented to be dismissed as novelty act, this is pure musical lunacy at its best."
- Chart Attack

Todd Macdonald and Tyr Jami met at fishing camp when they caught the same fish. They've been inseparable ever since. They began as an improvised cello and mandolin duo but quickly began writing songs and releasing limited edition CDRs.

In 2004 they released a full length on Swim Slowly Records, in 2005 they did a split with Tights on Drip Audio/Universal and in the fall of 2006 released the critically acclaimed Birthday Party on Ache Records. Birthday Party was produced by the production team JC/DC (New Pornographers, Destroyer ,Tegan and Sarah) and included the talents of Andy Dixon (The Red Light and Secret Mommy) and Juno award winning violinist, Jesse Zubot.

Imminently, The Winks are leaving on a 60+ date tour across North America and Rhino Flying and Ache Records is releasing their limited edition tour EP Chorus Girls.

"Like Frog Eyes mashed with baroque chamber music filtered through early 60s girl-band pop. The Vancouver group eschews traditional indie instrumentation while embracing willfully obscure lyrics and calliope-esque melodies."
-See Magazine

"great swells of instrumentation show the band maturing in real-time. For proof, look no further than the darkly elegiac "0[]." Or, if you'd rather stay on the celebratory side, stick to tracks like "Slumber Party Let's Go." Either way, you're getting a gift."
– Spin Magazine

They have shared the stage with Akron/Family, Architecture in Helsinki, Think About Life, Au Revoir Simone, Rusty Santos, Jesse Zubot, The Robot Ate Me, They Shoot Horses Don't They, SNFU, Secret Mommy, Karl Blau, The Red Light Sting and hundreds more. The Winks have also appeared as on albums by The New Pornographers and Raffie.

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