02 November 2007

[Music Review] Prints- Prints

Prints- Prints

Have you heard the new album by Prints? No, not ‘Prince’ - Prints!

This self-titled debut is a must for fans of collaborative jam, progressive rock, or electronica. Most of the songs on this album start out with either a simple rock or keyboard tune and the next thing that one hears is the jam vocals of mouth-made wah-wahs and whistles. This is due to the band’s nature to improvise lyrics.

Prints has a tendency to make all their music in a studio setting and the vocal are usually laid down in two takes after twenty minutes of free verse jamming. So what one hears on the final recording has most likely only been recorded twice or three times. This is made possible as the band does make use of several electronic do-dads to create a masterful symphony of something like a barbershop quartet meets Devo.

If you are one who is a big fan of driving around in your car singing “la-la-la-la, do-do-do-do!” to tunes that you make up off the top of your head, then you would probably love the musical styling of Prints. Certain fun and uplifting tracks such as “Easy Magic” or “Too Much Water” will make you feel less alone in your car if you friends have refused to ride with you due to your… creative nature.

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