16 August 2007


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Well, we all eventually have to get back to work, no? Centenary 2008 starts on Monday, Aug. 27 and what do we have to show for ourselves? We created a blog. We started a podcast (shhhhh! don't tell admissions). We had a lot of volunteer staff and DJs for an awesome summer. Oh yeah, and this was our first summer to broadcast at 2100.

So, you might ask, "What's next?" Well, KSCL is looking at getting into content depot and PRI/NPR/BBC, so we'll see what happens on that front. Right now we lack the hardware to get all the content to our productions booth. As soon as we get the fiber optics (or whatev) we'll be on the right track and probably devote the morning to talk radio from afar.

We also just got in our first shipment from all the grant money we were awarded last year. Audio recorders, mics, & mixers galore. I see some exciting things in store for us. Potentially, KSCL could be this radio station from Shreveport producing all this interesting programming about music, the war on terror, or even the ban on saggy pants in Shreveport.

Expect a schedule change to incorporate all the new DJs over the next few weeks. And get excited! we might just have some interesting shows in store.

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