09 August 2007

Acoustic Caffeine

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The info:
Chelsea Norman Band
Her Sweet Autumn Misery
& others
Starbucks on Airline Drive (in front of the mall)
Saturday, August 11th @ 6pm

The Scoop:

John Kay, Starbucks Barista extraordinaire, got inspired by an event at Starbucks on Line Ave. There, an acoustic show packed the house. Kay, with musically-talented friends (and friends of friends), decided Starbucks should do another show, this time with more performers. So, with the help of managers, fellow baristas, and friends Kay found a venue at the Starbucks on Airline Drive (in front of Pierre-Bossier mall). "If you give them the opportunity, musicians just want to perform," says Kay. Now they (and you too) have the opportunity to play an acoustic set at Starbucks on Airline this Saturday at 6pm. Call Starbucks on Airline for more info at (318) 549-2074. See you there!
photo uploaded by scwinn

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