12 February 2011

New Albums That Rock!

Hello Readers/Listeners,

It is us the music experts here tell you what is new, cool, and hip. We are excited to introduce these artists and their new albums here rockin' out at KSCL! Check these out!

Hellogoodbye with "Would It Kill You?"
Hellogoodbye has been flirting with the number one spot for the past three weeks. Everyone here at KSCL seems to be enjoying this album a lot. This is their sequel to "Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!" which is appropriate to the new album title "Would It Kill You?" Their sound is indie synth strong.(Zakk) : This new album is so much fun! All the songs are perfect for us ADD generation, multitasking crazies. The songs are short and simple and you gotta love this album. Reminds me of Panic at the Disco, but better. This music is very hook driven or at least for me. These tracks fit hand in hand together and you will not want to stop listening to it! (Katherine) These guys have finally found a style that really works for them instead of trying to emulate other artists. Definitely a catchy sound that's very upbeat and full of love-dovy lyrics that are far from cheesy. Their new spunky sound is super fun and yet warm and somewhat sentimental at the same time. These eleven tracks are definitely memorable and awesome!

Seth Glier with "Next Right Thing"
This album is Seth's second release. Here at KSCL, we have his first album and we played the hell out of it! We enjoyed Seth Glier's previous album and this excitement continued into his new album "The Next Right Thing". The most played track this week is "The Next Right Thing", which is a folksy chant that is a Capella. (Zakk) : This track just makes me feel amazing! I feel like I am chanting and rocking out with Seth Glier! His entire album has a nice pace to it and it keeps me hooked the whole time. Seth knows how to use those musical techniques of crescendos and decrescendos that most artists do not use in today's music. I absolutely love the album artwork. The album artwork consist of a 1950's looking office scene with the man himself (Seth) in a suit with slick back hair drinking brandy from a glass. He also has an entire panel of artwork dedicated to a type-writer. Must be important somehow. (Katherine) : Wow, this guy is really talented! For someone who looks so much like a grown up Frankie Munez, he has great depth in his music and lyrics that you don't see in many artists. This boy has a very poetic and complex idea to his lyrics that are greatly thought provoking and intriguing. He really likes for his songs to start kind of soft followed by a great rise in voices or instruments, but sometimes he really likes to quiet things down with a lone guitar and voice. Overall he has a very pop-folk feel to his music, but he likes to mix it up by using a different mix of instrumentation and vocals. He has definitely won a spot on the top 20 most played songs on the iPod of my heart.(Cheesy, but true).

Nate Currin with "Goodnight California"
Nate Currin has always had a pull to music. He started playing the piano at the age of eight. Since then, he has continued to write music as he grew up and learned the guitar on top of it. He is influenced by the British New Wave to Seveties Folk. (Zakk) : He is a very good song writer. His music reminds me of a more upbeat version of Snow Patrol. His lyrics are very creative, like my favorite song off his album called "Gypsy Girl". He mentions Passion Pit in his lyrics. It is really fun. Gotta check it out! Finally, his sound is somewhere between folk, rock, and electronic. Very creative!

Destroyer with "Kaputt"
(Trevor): Destroyer is another project courtesy of Dan Bejar, who is best known for his songwriting skills for the New Pornographers. It seems as if Bejar saves his more adventurous side for Destroyer. This new album is a pretty eccentric work that spans a huge range of musical styles. Think of sitting outside in your driveway on a really foggy morning...and Destroyer is what you will hear. (Zakk) : I was surprised when we got this album at the station. Trevor reviewed it and after he showed me this album I was going crazy for this album. I cannot believe that Destroyer is number one on our charts, but hey Trevor and I were not the only people who like Destroyer. My favorite track is "Savage Night at the Opera". The name of the track should be enough to explain why it is my fav.

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