05 February 2011

Four New Albums You Are Going To Love!

Hello Listeners and Readers,

Here is the Top 4 Albums of this week that are brand new and that you need to check out now! We are the music experts (Zakk Owens, Trevor Stine, Katherine Ball). Here the albums and artists:

White Lies with "Ritual"
With their newest album, Ritual, it actually knocks up countdown this week. Here in Shreveport, White Lies was the coolest thing in 2009 when they rocked our airwaves. Overall though the United States, we were only place that liked White Lies. They are from the UK and they are number one on their charts overseas. Ritual is their second album looking to find some more success in the United States. (Zakk) : This album is one that will be in the top 100 of 2011 for KSCL. My personal favorite track is "Bigger Than Us" which is track number three on the album. Album artwork is a little weird with two twin girls on the front. Anyways, their first album was centered around the thoughts of losing love in life. This new album has taken a different turn. It is more centered around a sacred idea. Listen to the album and tell us what you think. (Katherine): Their first album really showed us how UK punk they are and they really delivered that sound. On their newer album, however, they show a softer side to their British rock/punk style. The last CD ended with a question saying "Is This The Price of Love?", and this CD seems to be the answer to that question by telling us what they think love is. To them, love can be easily lost, but just the fact that you loved at all was worth the price. (Trevor): Speaking of lies...

Shirock with "Everything Burns"
(Trevor): Everything Burns is the new hard-hitting album from Shirock. Getting their start at SXSW, Shirock has exploded on the indie scene and has seen 5 songs off of this newest album on MTV's The Hills. They are even being painted as a mini-U2, and personally, I would have to agree. This album is full of emotion in every song, which can be accredited to some awesome vocal deliveries by frontman Chuck Shirock. Throwing in some female vocals occasionally to top it all off makes for an album of overall pure greatness. (Zakk) : I would love to see this band in concert. Their album has so much energy that is very impressive. Glad to see another band from Austin, TX make to the indie rock scene.

Oh Land with "Oh Land EP"
This short EP features the song Sun of a Gun. This artist is for those listeners who enjoy dance music/electro. On the album there are remixes of the hit single. Be on the lookout for the full length album. (Zakk) : I love this EP. It is as if ABBA and Ace of Base had a baby and that baby decided to make dance music just like its parents and it became very successful. I think "Sun of a Gun" should be played at every frat house here on campus! Are you sick of the same music being played every week at the frat houses then request Oh Land. Only losers live in the past, so listen to Oh Land! (Katherine): This EP is definitely a winner. It really brings a great sound to the electro-pop world, both appropriate for the dance floor and for just waving your hands and singing along in the car on your way to her concert! (Trevor): I think she's pretty...I want....her hair.

Details Details with "Details Details"
This band has found themselves in Top 30 for three weeks in a row. For those who like Owl City and Innerpartysystem, you will dig Details Details. "Zoned Out", "Providential", and "Dissemble" are the top tracks on the album. (Zakk) : I am very impressed with Details Details. Their sound is just awesome. I am always shock when I listen to this EP because the artwork is nothing like the band's sound. The EP artwork is a little cheesy, but I predict for this band to be on stations around the U.S. in no time. (Katherine) : The first look at their album artwork and you think, "Wow, cheesy computer nerd music!". It's true, the cover does look like a nerd had a slight obsession with the original Mario, but his sound is very modern and catchy, much like Owl City and Innerpartysystem. Seth Williams...I will get zoned out with you any time if you would just sing to me! (Trevor): Ditto.

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