02 October 2009

Anywhere but Shreveport!!! (and i wouldn't believe it)

As i was driving back to campus from downtown i heard this loud sound like a helicopter flying real low. i scanned the sky and there was a military style chopper hovering over the downtown area by the police station. no no the national guard isn't invading Shreveport, that is for the movie Battle L.A. being filmed in town. But there is another invasion of the Port city, the Red River Revel starts this weekend and goes through next weekend one of the largest arts fesitvals in the country the REVEL brings together artists for all over displaying works ranging from cake can art to sculptures to paintings and anything in between. also headlining are musical artist raning from folk to hip/hop to country. Check out redriverrevel.com for a complete lineup and schedule and be sure to keep looking at the KSCL blog for interviews and recordings from festival plaza. until next time have a great weekend!! CM

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