20 January 2009

Procrastination of Historical Proportions

I sit on the floor of my dorm room, precariously located next to the illegal space heater. I'm procrastinating on my Radio Broadcasting reading in order to take care of KSCL business (I figure it makes it okay). Emails have been sent out about Thursday's DJ interest meeting. Our Twitter has finally made a tweet. This semester has barely just begun and I'm making sure I don't fall behind on any of my work. I'm also composing a blog. Shocking, I know!

However, at the moment I'm operating under "Reading be damned, full speed ahead!" I might regret this, oh say, on Friday when we have a quiz.

Today was a historical day no matter how you want to look at it. As a student of history, it's worth noting the significance. I'm sitting on my warm floor on the eve of a revolution of thought and action. Revolutions are what intrigue me the most. While I was far from a rabid Obama support during the election, I'd rather not bring politics into a politics fight, so to speak.

I sat in the Whited Room today with my friends, faculty members and guest speakers to watch history happen. The history part was heavily underlined by the guest speaker, AP Tureaud, who became the first African American admitted (begrudgingly) to LSU as an undergrad. Look forward (hopefully) to a podcast interview with this man soon.

In other not as hope-inspiring news (cue the John Williams score), less significant history will be made on the 22nd when Centenary students will no longer be contactable by their @centenary.edu email addresses. For all further KSCL correspondence, please contact your favorite staff member by changing the ending of their address to @my.centenary.edu!

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