21 January 2009

Live from NYC #5: Ansel Matthews

Vanessa Boyd is back at it again. This time "Live from NYC" features Ansel Matthews at the Zinc Bar, two days after Christmas. Matthews is a singer and acoustic guitarist, who draws on inspiration from the likes of Sam Cooke, Frank Sinatra, and Nat King Cole. His latest CD is called "Raised from the Dust."

KSCL will air Live from NYC #5 Sunday, January 25th at 11am, Wednesday, January 28th at 11am, and possibly Sunday and Wednesday of the following week at the same time (depends on if and when I remember to remove it from automation!)

This episode clocks in at 6'33" (download)

Vanessa Boyd graduated from Centenary College in 1999. She was a co-program Director at KSCL from 1997-98. Now, she's a musician and artist living in New York City. If you or your band is traveling to New York and would like to set up an interview with Vanessa, contact Kelly Dunnigan (me).

Photo courtesy of Ben B Miller.

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