10 October 2008

Elaine McArdle - Successful Writer, Rocker and Former KSCL DJ

During the week of October 7, 2008, Elain McArdle visited Centenary's campus to do a lecture series and to promote her new book The Migraine Brain. Ms. McArdle is an alumna of Centenary College of Louisiana and was a DJ for KSCL from 1977-79.

In an exclusive KSCL interview with Tyler Davis, Ms. McArdle told us about the fun she had being a DJ in the late 70's when the station was broadcasting at only 10 watts and the signal could hardly be tuned in across campus.

Elaine McArdle is an author and writer for the Boston Globe, though she boasts a law degree and has had much experience writing for other publications.


Anonymous said...

'fess up, Elaine, did you play a lot of Rolling Stones during that time? Do you have an old play list?

Good luck with the book--where can I purchase it?

Anonymous said...

oh, yeah, all Stones all the time -- playlist indelible in my mind including Gimme Shelter, Sweet Virginia, Dead Flowers, and -- for Martha Kelley -- Shattered.

thanks for your interest in the book -- you can get at bookstores or thru our website www.migrainebrain.com