21 September 2007

"Help the Marmets"

KSCL received the following email from Sara Hebert regarding her family in need. Sara Hebert is a graduate of Centenary College and a former student DJ and Staff member of KSCL Shreveport. Her contributions to our radio station and her care for our mission as a radio station offering the best indie and underground music to you the listeners has been unsurpassed. So we all want to help her family as much as possible, and we hope you will open your eyes to her cause as well.

The following from Sara Hebert on Sept 15, 2007:

"Hi all,

"I am writing to you in a time of need for my family. The recent Hurricane/Tropical Storm which passed through my home parish in Louisiana left my sister and her family homeless due to a tornado spin off from the storm. I've spent today launching an initial version of a website that will be the hub of fund raising and information for her family, and I want to encourage you to visit and pass it along to your friends, family and colleagues. This is an important issue to me not only because of my family but also because as a graduate student in the Digital Media Studies program at the University of Denver, I work with the Digital Media Outreach Center which provides support for many organizations doing public good.

"I want to emphasize that by no means am I asking you to make a monetary contribution. While the storm has left them with very little, they can best benefit from you raising awareness about their situation. If you have contacts in any sort of media or with a high profile web presence, please pass this on to them. If you are in a position to make a monetary contribution, we are currently taking donations through PayPal and by check through the mail. I am also searching for someone who can guide me through the process of making these donations tax-deductible, and also someone who may be able to provide Internet access and a computer to their family so they can help keep the site up to date.

"The website is located at http://www.helpthemarmets.com and will be undergoing constant change over the next week. I've also attached a media advisory about their situation and the site launch. "

We, KSCL, and I, Tyler, are personally asking you to please visit the site and leave this beautiful family a message of encouragement. KSCL asks that you spread the word and give this family a chance to get back on their feet.

Thank you.

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