10 September 2007

Eisley - Combinations - Music Review

Eisley - Combinations
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Man, I don't know why, but I could have sworn that I Eisley was from across the pond. However, they're from Tyler, TX and they just released their 2nd full-length album entitled Combinations. The four siblings (and one cousin!) have done something that pushes them out of their first album's shell. Modification, organization, and repitition.

Number 2 - Invasion - is the first track that grabs you. Full of emotion, piano, sympathetic guitar, and drums, the real kicker tells you who this band is. Female vocals. With catchy melodies.

Lead vocalist Stacy DuPree throws out interesting vocals and lyrics. You can detect this free-verse poetry here and there when she sings. It's as if there are odd breaks here and there to make difficult rhymes work. DuPree spins off with the band for the chorus, "you will take the breath from my throat...take the cherished people that I hold."

Number 4 - Go Away - has the repition down. The first three times you hear it you'll love it, then the power wears off. But you can always "go away, yeah, go away" if it annoys you. Then, of course, come back later.

Their "oooooo's" and "ayyyy's" will excite your ears the first few times you hear them, but will their power hold you? Probably not everyone song, but their pop-rock emotion will serve them well.

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