22 July 2007

Parts and Labor, Spy in the Mes, & Astronautalis....not in the same night

Hell yes! for live shows.

The twelfth was Parts and Labor at Alec's. Here are some of the pics. The Brooklyn band was really nice and made sure that everyone had earplugs before they started. Nice, considering that a study by The Royal National Institute for Deaf People found that 9 out of 10 people who frequent clubs regularly experience permanent damage to their ears. Not a week before.
Y'know that ringing in your ears? That 'eeeeeeeeee'? That's the sound of the ear cells dying, like their swan song. Once it's gone you'll never hear that frequency again. Enjoy it while it lasts. -Julian Taylor, Children of Men (2006)
Scares me, anyway...maybe.
The nineteenth was Plök and Spy in the Mes. Ben and I only stayed long enough to hear a couple songs and snag a couple pics.

Then thanks to Susan and Big D! for the Astronautalis performance. I hadn't seen him yet, but boy-oh-boy, let's just say better than any other white boy rapping, cept maybe king hippo.

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JaneDoughnut said...

PLOK! was great, and the CD is big fun. Good shows.