06 June 2007


Last night our KSCL veteran Chris Brown dedicated a song to me conveniently named "Here comes the summer," because I just haven't felt the hot concrete or smelt the chlorine.

However, it's hitting me show after show. The port city punx threw a jig with Jack Blasphemy, Hoodlum Circus, and Sunday Mass Murder. This show went down at the Body Electric Tatoo parlor on Sunday. One of the few all-age shows in this town. The show was awesome with some splashing from the mote that formed from the rain. Also, everyone went to Joe's afterward to see the crazy old man with mushrooms in his helmet and his vacuum. Then on Monday a lot of us went to Cooper Manor to see Tokyo's DMBQ. I saw a man playing a guitar with his teeth and another with flashlights stuck in his hair. Amazing! Anywho, here's some pictures thanks to Liz!

See us at these upcoming shows:
June 7 - Woman's Worth @ Cooper Manor
June 9 - Missoni Lanza @ Jayne Marie on Cross Lake

Check our website for an updated schedule and other info.

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