29 January 2011

New Music That the Music Experts Know!

Hey Readers,

We (Zakk Owens,Trevor Stine, and Katherine Ball) are the music experts of KSCL and we are going to tell you what is going down in the new rack and countdown.

1)La Resistance with "Philosophy"
We definitely suggest this new album to our readers/listeners. Trevor Stine loves this new album and wants to see it do good on the countdown for the weeks to come. (Trevor Stine): La Resistance hails from Birmingham and has that great chill-pop feel that we all dig here at the station. The album brings in a lot of issues that lead vocalist, Greg Summerlin, was going through with his record label and modern society at the time, so the lyrics really have the potential to resonate with a lot of people.

2) Daft Punk with "TRON: Legacy Soundtrack"
This soundtrack has smashed up our countdowns. This album found itself at the number one spot for the second week in a row. (Zakk Owens) : Even though TRON: Legacy was not the best movie of the year, the soundtrack on the other hand is super awesome. With the leading single "Derezzed", it can definitely get you into a fighting, aggressive mood. I have personally decided to make it my ringtone for this week, so it must be good. This electrifying soundtrack will have you lit for days, humming the melodies and beat til you drive your friends wild. Cannot wait to find out if Daft Punk will continue to break the number one spot on our Top 30? Who knows?

3) Ian Axel with "This Is The New Year"
What an awesome name for an album! Ian Axel is climbing higher on the Top 30 every week on the countdown. Ian has been compared to Elliot Smith, Ben Kweller, and even Ben Folds. (Katherine Ball): Although most have heard that piano heavy song from more than one artist, Ian Axel balances his piano led songs with different sounds on the keyboard and keeps true to his folkish pop sound. He has a great balance of melancholy and happy making you feel that whatever pain was bothering you before doesn't quite matter. His cute and catchy melodies make you want to whistle them through the rain because of their carefree sound. (Zakk Owens) : I love this artist. His catchy melodies definitely stick in my head all day and night and possibly to the next day. Love him.

4) Cage The Elephant with "Thank You Happy Birthday"
This is Cage The Elephant's sophomore album. This album definitely continues that nuance sound that listeners have learn to love and appreciate. (Trevor) : This is by far my favorite album of the month I would have to say. "Thank You Happy Birthday" shows so much growth for the band from their debut album, "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked." You can really tell that their influences have multiplied, and it has definitely been for the better. This album has the same catchy vocal style as the Cage The Elephant we all love, similar to Colour Revolt or even old-school Mewithoutyou. Overall: A + for this one, friends. (Katherine Ball) : Although their song "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked" was definitely very memorable and one of my favorites, overall their CD was somewhat disappointing. This latest CD, however, has a more mature and less experimental sound that still holds true to their individual sound. (Zakk Owens) A very mature sound from their previous album. Sophomore slumps? No way!

5) One Step Away with "One Step Away"
These kids find themselves on our countdown at number 13 this week. Hopefully number 13 will be their lucky number this week for them to continue their success on the countdown. (Zakk) : Their sound is a boy band sound. For all you girls out there, this is your band. With this whole album centered around one subject, love, it kind makes those people who are lonely, hurt more. For those love birds out there, this is your album. I am guessing from listening to this album that the boy members are already taken. Sorry Katherine... (Katherine) : When first listening to this CD you expect it to sound like a bunch of love drunk teens trying to find a way into a girl's heart, but their surprisingly mature sound and strong vocals are anything but. Though the lyrics are nothing too new, they still show you the sweet side of these boys who want to share their experiences and perhaps find help for those who have been hurt by love.

6) Sick Of Sarah with "2205"
This is Sick Of Sarah's sophomore album here at the station. This albums is incredibly better album from their first. (Zakk Owens) : I loved Sick Of Sarah and now I might propose. These women know how to rock! I was very upset though that the album was only 10 tracks. Their sound from their previous album has changed to a darker more controlled sound. Their first album was more experimental than this one. Love it, love it! This is for those people who love rockin' girl bands or people who are just sick of, well.... Sarahs. lol. j/k.

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