16 September 2009

Rock-afire EXPLOSION!

The new documentary film Rock-afire Explosion will be screening September 18 & 19th at the Robinson Film Center at 7:30 PM. It's a film about the creepy animatronic rock band from Showbiz Pizza. The Robinson Film Center will have special guest Damon Breland, who is featured in the film, who will also bring along his animatronic bear Billy Bob. More info is available at www.robinsonfilmcenter.org.

BUT THE BIG NEWS, (but we are not sure yet, it's a maybe) Damon Breland might come do a In-studio with us on KSCL! oooooooohhhhh!!!!

Tune into the top 30 Show this week Between 3-6pm we might be able do something For YOU that may involve the ROck-afire explosion!!!

Just a hint.... Be one of the first five callers

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