26 June 2009

Rhyme University is Coming Tomorrow!

Hey guys, this is your wonderful KSCL Music Director Zakk. You probably heard it all around town, but KSCL is hosting another concert. This time we are hosting several hip-hop artist! Rhyme University is the main act and let me tell you, this guy is amazing! Probably the best hip-hop I have ever heard. Charles is the main member in the band and this guy is the most down to Earth ever. This music is not the same old hip-hop you hear on other stations, this hip-hop bring a new sound that I have not heard before. Rhyme University was the number hip-hop album in our station for 2008. Did I mention that it is free.... OMG! It's free? Yes it is true. So if you have nothing to do on Saturday night, come see Rhyme University in the Shell located in the middle of Centenary's campus. It is from 7-10 pm. I hope to see you there.

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