15 March 2009

Battle of the Bands Line-up!

I promised you guys, and after waiting a few days to make sure no one has bailed, I bring you the BotB line-up! The eight lucky bands are (in no particular order)

AJ Haynes
Electric Dollhouse Groove Buggy
Eye of Anger
Sumthin Serious
Three Day Weekend
Missoni Lanza
Riverside Railway
Louisiana Haywire

The event kicks off at 2pm in the Shell (Kilpatrick will be the rain stage, but lets hope not!) and we will have raffle tickets for lots of cool prizes.

Have a Merry St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

none of the links seem to be working...

Kelly said...

Oops, my bad.

Brandon said...

do you know if centenary is planning a spring concert like ben folds this year?

Kelly said...

Uh, not exactly. They are having a "music festival" on April 3rd with Dirtfoot and some other band that I don't know. Instead of being in the Gold Dome, it's in the Quad and it's free for students. $5 for non students.

Anonymous said...

Shreveport Blog would like to bolster your efforts and doesn't always have the time to find your stuff here or at fb. Please try to send me releases at trudeau11@gmail.com. Merci!

Kelly said...

Sir, yes sir! I tried getting people to contact a while ago, but we've all just been so busy! Thanks!