04 October 2007

Interview w/ Dr. Schwarzman & Leia Lewis

In this new interview, I sit down with Meadows Museum Educator Leia Lewis and Dr. Mat Schwarzman, an Attawy scholar. The program will air on KSCL 91.3fm on Sunday, Oct. 7 at 4p and Thursday, Oct. 11 at 4p.

Art 295: Introduction to Community-Based Arts
The Highland Spirit House

Info from Leia:

About Mat:

Mat Schwarzman has been a student, practitioner, instructor and writer in
the field of community-based arts since 1985. He has helped establish arts
education programs for teens, college students and adults across the
United States. He holds a Ph.D. in Transformative Learning & Change in
Human Systems from the California Institute of Integral Studies. He is
founder and director of the Crossroads Project for Art, Learning and
Community in New Orleansa and co-author of the book "Begginers Guide to
Community Based Arts. Visit the organization's website at

About the course:

Art 295: Introduction to Community-Based Arts, instructed by Leia Lewis,
Museum Educator, explores the aesthetic, sociocultural, political, and
transpersonal learning issues involved in producing artwork that engages
artists, cultural institutions, and community as creative partners.
Students will examine historic and contemporary community-based arts
projects from Louisiana and the U.S.A, and the methodologies that
facilitate artist-community exchanges within the visual arts, performing
arts, and theatre. Students also will investigate these models to consider
how art can be used to enhance quality of life, build community, and
foster social change.

This course will utilize Meadows Museum of Art at Centenary College of
Louisiana as a primary educational resource for guest speakers, class site
visits, and a group project. Students will collaborate with Meadows Museum
of Art staff to design and implement a community-based arts project that
is inspired by a scheduled exhibition within the Museum’s visual arts
season. Students will learn to cooperate with diverse artistic and
community stakeholders to conceptualize, plan, execute, and evaluate a
community-based arts project.

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trudeau said...

Listened to a lot of Schwarzman and some of Lewis and Schleuss this afternoon and found it smartly utopian. America needs a continuing stream of idealism in order to survive, to be the best it can be.
Thanks, guys, for taking the road less traveled.