23 July 2010

Hip Hop Top 10! Same Place, Same Time, New Face...

Hi guys, it's your friendly neighborhood music director, Zakk. Tune in to KSCL Shreveport 91.3 FM and hear the hip hop top 10. Merwin is taking his driving test today and that's why I am doing the show today. The countdown is amazing! You will never guess who is number one! Could B.O.B. take gold again for the third consecutive week or did Sage Francis have enough in the tank to be number 1. Tune in to find out. Also, around 2:30, I will have a special guess. Cazes and I will be interviewing Matthew's Davidson Band, the winner of the Smash Burger contest for the top local band in Shreveport! These guys are super sweet, so tune in to not only hear the best hip hop in Shreveport, but check out one the top artists in Shreveport. Trust me, it's going to be fun!

PS: Check these guys out before the interview!

02 July 2010

First Blog Post . . . Ever!

Alright kids! This is your Hip Hop Director, Merwin. So finally I'm actually posting something to the blog. Hopefully this isn't too boring for ya. I mean, this is my first blog. But anyways, I guess I'll talk about my show Audio Illusions and the music we played today.
First off, the Top 10 for week of 6/29! Some new artists to the countdown were Hopsin, a young artist who packs talent and irreverent edge, and Stevie Stone, a Midwest native with an uncanny sound like no other! The Top 5 included artists Resin Dogs, B.o.B, 4-IZE, and the funkadelic Declaime. But what could have been number one?

None other that the high-funktress, singer-songwriter Janelle Monae!

Her album "The ArchAndroid" is, as one person described it, an "epic James Bond film in outer space!" With blockbuster vocals, mysterious imagery, and notes of 60's pop and Jazz, how could anyone refuse to love this album? Ecpecially the track "Cold War".

Well anyway other music you missed out on, or remember if you tuned in, were Lazlo Supreme, Matisyahu with his awesome track "Smash Lies" and some throwbacks from Veer Union (had to put a little bit of rock in the mix) and MSTRKRFT (pronounced Master-craft).

Well that's I can think to talk about, but check back next time, and I'll some even more exciting news to tell ya about. And don't miss the show "Audio Illusions" Fridays @ 1-3pm, right before the Top 30 Show! You kNOOOOOW!