25 January 2010

now you can listen to kscl anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do you go places where you can't pick up KSCL 91.3 FM??? does that make you sad? do you wish there was a way you could still listen to KSCL? are you wondering why there are so many question marks????? Well never fear KSCL faithful because anywhere you have an internet connection you can rock out to KSCL. its a brand new thing we are providing to you just go to www.kscl.fm and click on the red listen live button at the top of the page then turn the volume up and rock out to the awesome tunes!!!!!!

06 January 2010

Romp & Stomp Via Chris Brown

Chris Brown's weekly KSCL show, Romp & Stomp, often focuses onregional music. As a historian who has specialized in Shreveport areamusic he does an annual show that is entirely Shreveport. On his Shreveport Sounds show, Brown covers it all: jazz, blues, r & b,country, gospel and rock.
Tues, Jan 12, 8 to 10 pm, Romp & Stomp will do the annual Shreveportshow. For a preview, check out this video, produced by Robert Trudeau:http://vimeo.com/8516342