10 April 2009

Rocking You, Less Like a Hurricane, More Like a Tornado

In case you weren't consciously aware of it, a tornado attacked Shreveport last night. Okay, maybe "attacked" is a strong word, but it cause power outages and a bit of widespread destruction (reaching from east Texas to Ruston and South Arkansas, not the same tornado, mind you). The storm knocked campus' power out, so the station was off air for some amount of time. Since I was at home, there was not a lot I could do, but Zakk (I do believe) got everything up and running when the power came back on.

Other than that bit of exciting (and almost harrowing) bit of news, KSCL and your station manager doesn't have much do report. Well, other than I am back on board for round/year two of managing/dictating! (I'm kidding on that last bit). After a two and a half hour Media Committee meeting, the current heads decided on the 2009-2010 heads! Congrats to Todd Johnson (Congo), John Wadsworth (Pandora), Michelle Junot (Yoncopin), Anna Media (Film Society) and myself!

Yes, I just congratulated myself. Why? Because after that two and a half hour meeting, three of the current media heads went to SGA to get our budgets approved. While they haven't been voted on yet, we still deserve a big ole' congrats!

And check it! Vanessa Boyd will be in town for an art show opening April 18th at 8:00 at Minicine! I'll do a more in depth post later, but keep your schedules clear!

05 April 2009

We Landed On the Moon!!!

Check out a We Landed on the Moon Interview!

Zakk and Cazes go down to Lake Charles Louisiana to Interview We Landed On the Moon. A Baton Rouge Based Band of epic portions. They were featured at #54 on the 2008 top 100 countdown of KSCL.