21 March 2009

Hey, hey LISTEN!


Come out after the Big Event at 2pm and chill with your favorite local college radio station (that would be KSCL) and listen to eight great bands!

The best part is, it's FREE! We will have a $1 raffle with some great prizes.

If you aren't attending the Big Event, or find yourself feeling bored around 1pm, come down to the Shell early and check out Rhyme University perform as our very own opening act!

Also, I will be following Jon's footsteps and will be tweeting live from the Event. If you weren't aware, KSCL has it's own Twitter (along with myself), so check out both for updates throughout the day!

Can't wait to see y'all there!

15 March 2009

Battle of the Bands Line-up!

I promised you guys, and after waiting a few days to make sure no one has bailed, I bring you the BotB line-up! The eight lucky bands are (in no particular order)

AJ Haynes
Electric Dollhouse Groove Buggy
Eye of Anger
Sumthin Serious
Three Day Weekend
Missoni Lanza
Riverside Railway
Louisiana Haywire

The event kicks off at 2pm in the Shell (Kilpatrick will be the rain stage, but lets hope not!) and we will have raffle tickets for lots of cool prizes.

Have a Merry St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!

12 March 2009

Happy Birthday, KSCL!

It's March and you know what that means! KSCL is a whopping 33 years old. We'll be going through a midlife crisis before you know it. Maybe then we'll get a better ride...

Here's some updates for you kiddos!

KSCL will be hosting a two day event we like to call "South By Drive By." It's our way of bringing SXSW to you! Have Gun Will Travel will perform Tuesday, March 17th and TxRx will play Wednesday, March 18th, both at 8pm in the Shell. For other SXSW bands performing in Shreveport that week, check out Flentge Productions (sadly not in cahoots with KSCL's venture, maybe next year?).

But it is that time of year again. Battle of the Bands is looming ever closer! And tonight we managed to narrow down a list of 16 bands to 8! And boy was the competition tough. I hate to disappoint, but I'm gonna withhold the finalized list for a few more days. It's just to make sure that the list won't change dramatically. But hey, it gives me a reason to have to post! Right right?
I should be doing it anyways...

But just to remind you:


It's a free event open to everyone! Students, faculty, staff, community members, animals, and your parents. We're gonna have awesome raffle prizes, great music, and probably even some food provided by the folks running the Big Event! Please make it a point to come out and support your fellow students or community members or musicians.