30 April 2008

Columbia Cafe & minicine? present Radiant City, Shreveport

"You're fighting suburban sprawl and this fellow, Brad Stand, and you have had a falling out." -Lily Tomlin as Vivian

One of my favorite movies of all time, I Heart Huckabees, touches on suburban sprawl. Now, Columbia Cafe & minicine? will host a new documentary with suburban sprawl at its focus. Shreveport, think Youree Drive.

As Trudeau mentioned, minicine? will screen the new documentary Radiant City at Columbia Cafe this Monday, May 5th.

From David Nelson: Radiant City is an intelligent, insightful, (and strangely humorous) look at the phenomenon of "suburbia", viewed through the eyes of suburbanites themselves...Something's happening on the edge of town....

Doors open at 7pm. Show starts at 8. Admission is a $5 donation to the Shreveport Historic Preservation Society. New art from the West Edge Artist's Co-op will be on display.

Make it a night of art! Go to the actor's cafe for the Old Haunts show after your trip to Columbia.

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The Old Haunts, Jean Eric at Actor's Cafe May 5th

Conchita McElwee is putting on an all-age show at the Actor's Cafe this Monday, May 5th. Old Haunts and Jean Eric will headline the event. It'll start early, at 8:00pm. $5 at the door. Live graffiti will also go down, where anyone can join in!

The Old Haunts are on Kill Rock Stars and feature Tobi Vail, the former drummer for Bikini Kill and Scott Seckington of Two Ton Boa. There will be drink specials for those who are 21 and over! Conchita's working on an art show for May 10th, more info to follow soon.

We're busy with finals here at KSCL, so news is trickling out. We can't wait until summer!
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29 April 2008

Centenary Art: Feild and Waggenspack, shows running for two weeks

Helen Feild and Emily Waggenspack (pictured) are putting up their senior art work. Emily's in motion, trying to put up as much as she can, meanwhile I dodge class. The shows are on display in the Turner Art Center, our right-brained hideaway on campus.

Helen's show will be in the Airstream, casually parked on Rutherford Street. The two shows opened today and will run through May 10th. The reception will be this Sunday, May 4th at 4:00pm.

and they shall be called:
The Art of Communication ("Divided"), Emily Waggenspack
Big Circle, little circle, Helen Feild

Emily's work is a multi-panel life-size comic illustrating her troubles overcoming a learning disability. Helen's, on the other hand, focuses on several pieces she's produced at Centenary (on circumference, both paintings and drawings).

There are a couple more pictures on my Flickr account, enjoy!
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26 April 2008

KSCL: We're Legal on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I wanted to share a clip from KSCL's past. 1997. This was two years before the historic bid from Red River Radio to buyout half of KSCL's hours. Steve "Stump" Moffat would have been either the music director or station manager, I can't remember which. Allyson Eddy and him switched roles their junior/senior year. This flyer would have been written around the time those two were in power, so to say.

Here's a snippet from Stump's "The Word" and his entry into the "KSCL culture":

upon my arrival in shrevesdale, i had little to do aside from sit on the front porch of sexton hall and watch folks leave the caf...oh, excuse me; the dining hall. i heard from one of my new friends that the campus radio station was looking for more dj's. having no idea whatsoever of where such a radio station might be, the friend and i wandered across kings hwy. to a nearby country station thinking that, perhaps, this was kscl. we were promptly sent back to campus wondering where we'd gone wrong. someone corrected our misdirection, and we headed to the top floor of the union building. all of the doors to the radio station were locked, and loud rap was coming from what i later learned was the office area. eventually, erich nunn, music director at the time, opened the door to the lobby. thus my time at kscl came to an uneventful start.

Stump went on to do some really terrific things for the station. The rest of the story can be found in our history section.
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21 April 2008

Earth Day: Centenary Festivities Kick off tomorrow

Jeanne Hamming
Originally uploaded by trudeau
The green kids at Centenary are hosting several events celebrating Earth Day. All happens 11:30-1:30pm tomorrow, April 22nd near the Shell

Events include:
-Stuff Swap (bring something, take something)
-tote bag decorating,
-try some healthy, organic snacks
-see Jeanne Hamming, Scott Chirhart, Kevin Wagner, and Pres. Ken Schwab chained to trees

All of these events are sponsored by the CEA, the organization bringing solar panels to Centenary, the Centenary Activities Board, and Student Life. For more information, buzz Jeanne Hamming at 318-869-5082.

20 April 2008

SGA on recess until Fall '08, KSCL has new budget allocation [Update]

So, what's the number?

Our budget is essentially doubling, which is a step in the right direction. As I reported back in March, KSCL hasn't seen any growth in our student fee allocation. We've seen lots of growth elsewhere, but not-so-much in gold.

I believe all our hard work has paid off, and KSCL should see a share of 15.5%, up from 7.5%. This means that our yearly budget (from student fees) will grow to about $25,000, from $12,500. It's very good news, and we're all very excited about the change. It isn't enough for the future, but it's a step in the right direction. Things like this take time to change, so we're on the right path.

This means that summer broadcasting is go! Now we're catching up on our work. The end of the semester has hit us hard, and we've slacked on our academics. So, much coming for the summer, meanwhile we'll coast to the end! Thanks for all the kind words. This process has been difficult and couldn't have been achieved if no one cared.
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13 April 2008

Boundary Lines: Mormonism with Dr. Richard Bushman

Dr. Richard Lyman Bushman visited Centenary's campus on 1-6 April 2008 hosted by the Attaway Fellows of Centenary, the Christian Leadership Center and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Dr. Bushman (PhD., Harvard University) is a practicing Mormon and American Historian. He is an accomplished author of twelve books including Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling (2005) winner of the Evans Biography Award, and additionally he is the Governeur Morris Professor of History emeritus at Columbia University and most recently was appointed as Howard W. Hunter Visiting Professor of Mormon Studies at Claremont Graduate University.

He is considered to be "the single most widely known and highly regarded historian of Mormonism" according to Karen Torjesen of Claremont School of Religion...

And I had the opportunity not only to do an interview for Boundary Lines with Dr. Bushman , but to discuss issues of theology inside and outside of class with Dr. Bushman thanks to my professors.

I hope that the interview conducted for Boundary Lines will be educational and answer some questions that many of us have about Mormonism.

My Boundary Lines interview with Dr. Bushman will air Thursdays April 17 and 24 between 6-8pm on 91.3 FM.

For more on Mormons and the Church go to the LDS website.

photo by Tyler Davis

Robinson Film Center Opening Gala, Week One Announced

Everything's coming together for the opening of the Robinson Film Center, Shreveport's latest cultural resource. The grand opening gala will be on Saturday, May 3rd at 7:00pm. Tickets are available by calling (318) 424-9090. They're $150 each, which is kind of pricey. However, all the money is fundraising for the center, which is a good thing!

600 spots are available, so call grandma and tell her what you want for your birthday.

In Bruges (imdb) - starring Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson
The Counterfeiters (imdb) - won the 2008 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year (2008)
Honeydripper (imdb) - won "Best Independent Film" at NAACP Image Awards (2008), starring Danny Glover, directed by John Sayles
Forever (imdb) - documentary covering the cult personality around the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris (co-presentation with the Film Society)

Media coverage you might want to check out:
-KSCL audio tour w/ Chris Jay

-RFC on Flickr

-Alex Kent's blurb on construction

-cheesy video by Chuck Smith:

10 April 2008

Regions Bank Donates 8 Green Bikes to Centenary, Shreveport

Biking efforts in Shreveport are taking off and Centenary College is a part of that. On Wednesday, Regions Bank donated eight green bicycles to Centenary, furthering sustainable transportation efforts on campus. I slipped out of my drawing class to see the event, wondering how angry my professor would be if I came back late.

The idea originated from Bill Anderson, Chairman of Centenary's Board of Trustees. Anderson talked to Keith Crissman, of Regions, about his idea to bring bikes to Centenary. This fit perfectly with Regions' new marketing campaign and mission to the community, "to make life better for associates, customers, and communities." Regions Bank has donated "life green" bikes elsewhere, Birmingham-Southern College and Baton Rouge's YMCA are two recent examples.

At Centenary, the bikes will be located near the Student Union Building. Interested students, faculty, and staff can turn in their Centenary IDs to check out a bike. They'll be given a key to unlock the bike, along with a bright green helmet. Interested bikers will check-out bikes to travel off campus, most likely. I see very little point in walking to the center of campus only to ride fifty feet to class. The bikes will be available on Thursday, according to workers at the information desk.

This has coincided perfectly with the new bike racks DPS installed this past week, funded by the Centenary Muses.

For more information, contact Lori Bradshaw (Student Life) or Jeanne Hamming (Centenary Environmental Association).

Sophomore Malari Coburn pictured above, with more pictures on my Flickr.
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08 April 2008

Art Nights, Bring your medium and canvas: Life Drawing at Minicine Tonight [Cool Events]

Shonnie Lewis is hosting "Art Nights," a free program on the second Tuesday of every month. Tonight's location will be at David Nelson's Minicine (846 Texas Ave). Lewis has hosted these events across town, looking for the prime location.

"We're just trying to be a place where artists can come to hang out with other artists and draw/paint/do [whatever]," says Lewis. Tonight's still life setup will include several of David Nelson's old projectors. For more information, email Shonnie Lewis at shonniel@yahoo.com.

photo creds to pedrosimoes7
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LSUS Student Activities Board to host Tyler Read, New Frontiers, and more [Concerts]

Mark Flentge & Co. (aka LSUS Student Activities Board) are hosting a concert with Tyler Read, Quiet Company, New Frontiers, and Alive in Wild Paint on Friday, April 25th. It all goes down at the UC Theater at 7:00pm sharp! It's open to the public, is all ages, and will cost $10 to any non-LSUS-student.

Flentge recently hopped on board with LSUS's Student Activities Board (SAB) after throwing 13 successful shows around town. It's his first show with SAB.

The concert is part of LSUS's Spring Fling. When asked about the benefits of this concert happening during Spring Fling, Flentge responded, "the school wanted an event to reach out to the school and community." He went on, "I'm sort of blessed with really good timing for things. I really am appreciative of this gift." Luckily the bands could come together.

The MySpace Linkage:

Tyler Read
The New Frontiers
Alive In Wild Paint
Quiet Company

Facebook Event

photo creds to Mark Flentge
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Student Government Open Forum, Have questions for potential candidates?

Student Government elections are now underway. Sadly, there's only one contested position: President. Junior Corey Shadd and sophomore Matthew Wallace are running for the post. All candidates will be in the Centenary room (Bynum Commons) tonight, April 8th at 7:00pm to discuss their plans for next year.

The reason I feel confident posting this on our blog is because SGA directly affects KSCL (a chartered organization) that serves the community. You guys are the audience. So, come show your support for organizations like KSCL. I see connecting the community to Centenary as vital to the college's future. KSCL 91.3FM is part of your community.

The Candidates are:
Corey Shadd (cshadd@centenary.edu)
Matthew Wallace (mwallace@centenary.edu)

Vice President of Internal Affairs:
Emma Cook

Vice President of External Affairs:
Marcus Jauregui

Sam Timpa

William Takewell
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06 April 2008

Corrington Award 2008 to Alice McDermott at Centenary, Shreveport

This time last year, Centenary hosted Yusef Komunyakaa, a weathered American poet with a booming low voice. I was memorized by his account of Vietnam, and I'll post an audio clip soon. Komunyakaa received the 2007 Corrington Award for Literary Excellence.

Tomorrow, April 7th, the 2008 Corrington Award will go to Alice McDermott, author of
Child of Heart. This event starts at 7pm sharp in Kilpatrick Auditorium, located in the Smith building. For more information email Jennifer Strage at jstrange@centenary.edu.

photo credz to Telegraph to Eames Armstrong
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04 April 2008

Local Artists Showcase at Turner Art Center

Local artists such as Paul and Susan Garner, Tyler Davis, and Gabby Reynolds among many others will be showcasing artwork at the Turner Art Center on Centenary's campus Saturday April, 5. The show, which begins at 6:00 PM, has been organized by the artists themselves and is solely for the purpose of displaying some really great, hard work. Everyone involved is eager for you to come and enjoy the show.

Coloring sheets and homemade crayons will be provided.

Turner Art Center is located at the corner of Kings hwy & Centenary blvd. It's a big pink/salmon/orange colored building.

Photos by Tyler Davis

02 April 2008

Ben Folds: Back Stage Pass!

KSCL Shreveport 91.3FM will be giving away one backstage pass for the Ben Folds concert! Tomorrow, Thursday, April 3, at 4:15pm ANYONE in the Shreveport area can tune into "Super Wacky Fun Time with Keith" where Keith and I will hold a call-in trivia contest to give away the pass. All you have to do is call in when prompted and supply a correct answer for the trivia conundrum that Keith and I present to you. If you answer correctly, we shall give you a back stage pass to see Ben Folds at the Centenary Gold Dome Friday April 4!

The Booth Fone Number is : 318-869-5297

Good luck!!

For more info and tickets see what the Fighting Squirrels are doing.

Ben Folds GoogleImages