29 February 2008

Group to Hold "Free" Carwash at Centenary [to help bring in Ben Folds?]

The group rumored to be hosting an upcoming Ben Fold's concert is holding a carwash to raise funds for the performance [whether Folds or not]. Fighting Squirrels Productions, the concert group, will accept donations and wash your car, truck, or MINI from 9:30am to 2:00pm tomorrow, March 1st in the Turner Art Center parking lot.

"The money will be going to our fabulous spring concert!" says Mary Walter on behalf of FSP. The Turner Art Center is located on the corner of Centenary Blvd. and Rutherford Street.

photo by rebekka

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28 February 2008

The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful [Music Review]

Members of The Kills, Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince create rhythmic anthems about boredom and straight-laced guys. This duo is a saner version of The White Stripes. In high school, I imagine that they were those rebellious cool cats.

The first song features people clapping as the continual beat from which the song is built around. Every now and then, a snare drum interludes. The snare solo is reminiscent of high school marching bands. The second song, U.R.A Fever, starts off with a strange dial tone that from what I can tell has nothing to do with the theme of the song. This feature is carried throughout the song in a sparse rhythmic pattern. The dial tone also closes the song. The song is very cool and downbeat. Their lyrics are rebellious in nature. The lyrics from U.R.A Fever, in particular “We are fever,” suggest that the duo’s social status is similar to a disease, or maybe I read too much into that one.

Straight up and in-your-face female vocalist, Alison Mosshart, has a sexy, smooth sound. She sounds like a punk cheerleader. Jamie Hince’s vocals are just as sexy and cool but in male sounding ways because he is a man. Together, they create an amazing sound different from regular punk, indie rock.

26 February 2008

Centenary Students: Survey and Oppurtunity to Earn $100 Gift Card

How satisfied are you with....?
How important is this to you?

Centenary Students will get a great chance to respond to several campus issues/policies to improve the student experience. A "Student Satisfaction Inventory Invitation" email will be sent out (tomorrow) Wednesday, February 27th asking students to partake in the twenty-minute survey covering different aspects of student life. Think caf food, greek life, tutoring services, and the number of electric plugs in the dorm room. It'll cover a lot. Any student not partaking in this survey is out of their mind. You have to speak your mind. You have to vote. This is, supposedly, a democracy in which we live. Your voice counts! Oh yeah, you also will be entered in a drawing for $100 gift certificates.

The survey was created by several professors and administrators. The professors and administrators are part of an umbrella group known as the Enrollment Management Committee. The committee focuses on retaining students and making Centenary a more student-centered campus. Success will mean a 50% response rate on the two-fold survey. The results will then be provided in a "town hall style" meeting in April. It's great to see Centenary working together to fix its problems. And there might not be any problems. This all depends on the turnout and responses. Hopefully Centenary will publish the results on its website. Communicating student feedback with the rest of the world will only improve Centenary.

Other colleges and universities survey their students. Penn State provides their surveys to the public. However, Penn State's wasn't two-fold as Centenary's will be.

Some example questions from Penn State's survey are:
  • How satisfied have you been at Penn State with the extent to which faculty included diversity/multicultural/international resources in their class presentation, assignments, or discussions?
  • How satisfied have you been at Penn State with your opportunity to participate in an independent research project with a faculty member?
Get excited, particpate, and spread the word on campus! For more questions, hit up Dr. Lawrence at jlawrence@centenary.edu.

photo creds to mygigi
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24 February 2008

[Update] Rumor: Ben Folds Coming to Shreveport, Centenary

Okay, our rumor is being smashed from left and right. Thanks for all the information regarding this event. And please comment below if you have any information.

There are two pieces of information that still point to Ben Folds playing at Centenary. The first, as mentioned in a previous post, is a pamphlet sent out by Admissions with the text, "enjoy a concert featuring Ben Folds." The second bit of information is buried in our Facilities scheduling calendar. Comparing the original date of April 3rd and Folds' Myspace reveals a conflict. Folds is set to play in Tulsa, OK. Thanks to Melissa for that bit of info.

However, there is still an open date on Folds' MySpace. That date is also scheduled in our Facilities Calendar as "Concert". On our end, we still have no confirmation on any specific person playing at the event, nor do we notice any changes to www.centenarytickets.com. Keep your eyes open!

From the Facilities Reservation Calendar:
Thu 4/3/2008 all day     Fighting Squirrels - Concert - Set up     Gold Dome
Thu 4/3/2008 all day     Preview Weekend - Crawfish Boil Set Up     Crumley Gardens
Fri 4/4/2008 all day     PREVIEW WEEKEND     Crumley Gardens, Kilpatrick Auditorium, Centenary Room, Carruth Choir Room, Broyles Choir Room, Whited Room, Fitness Center Gym, Jones Rice Field, Gold Dome
Fri 4/4/2008 all day     Preview Weekend - Breakout Sessions Set Up     Broyles Choir Room
Fri 4/4/2008 all day     Preview Weekend - Picnic Set Up     Crumley Gardens
Fri 4/4/2008 all day     Preview Weekend - Registration/Welcome Set Up     Whited Room
Fri 4/4/2008 all day     Preview Weekend - Set Up     Kilpatrick Auditorium
Fri 4/4/2008 8:00am - 12:59pm     Fighting Squirrels - Concert     Gold Dome
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22 February 2008

Actor's Café, All Age Venue Opens Doors [New Venue]

It makes me so happy to see amazing people do amazing things in Shreveport. This is my newest find.

Actor's Café is a new bar/restaurant/venue located at 1401 Fairfield Ave. From venue's MySpace, "Our goal is to provide a fun atmosphere where musicians, actors, artists, and the public can showcase their talents while enjoying tasty food and a full bar."

Jeffrey Nightbyrd, the owner lists several upcoming events:
Thursday is always Actors Showcase. See info below
Friday sparkling Alana Dyson plays and sings with Kern Courtney. 8pm.
Saturday Ladies Night and the Shreveport Belly Dancers will perform. Trudeau has more info.
Sunday Academy Awards Party, doors open at 5pm.
Monday Dan Garner of the Tipitina's Music Co-op brings his popular singer/songwriter jam to the café. This had quite a following at Java Junction (now Skinworks).
Tuesday is when signed Acclaim actors gather to do scenes for upcoming movie auditions in the back room.
Wednesday musicians gather for the Music Jam. All good musicians are welcome.

Attention Aspiring Actors

Every Thursday at the Actor's Café we will be holding an "Actors Showcase".

Come perform a scene or a monologue of your choosing for five minutes on stage without getting the "gong." At least one winner every night. Free beverages for contestants. Fun atmosphere. Over a period of 8 contests we will see who the best of the best is. Real movie casting directors will choose the final winners. The final winners will win an agency contract and photo shoot. So come give it your best shot this Thursday at the Actors Café! Do a scene with a friend or a monologue. Starts at 8pm (sign up early)

Actor's Café address and phone:
1401 Fairfield Shreveport 71101 (google)

image courtesy of Actor's Café MySpace
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21 February 2008

The Gunshy Coming to Shreveport via Jackrabbit

Matt Arbogast & Co. will be performing at the Jackrabbit Lounge (lil' joe's)  this Monday, February 25th. The show starts at 9:00pm. Mustangs and Madras will also perform. Since it's at Joe's it'll definitely be 21-and-up, unless that fake ID you own is super legit-looking.

Matt Arbogast, aka The Gunshy, performed in the KSCL lobby back in November. Now, he'll be right across the street with the rest of his band.

For those unfamiliar with the Gunshy, Arbogast's vocals are raspy and wild. It is truly beautiful. And you wouldn't be able to tell his singing voice by just talking to him on the street.

Jackrabbit's MySpace has some phenomenal upcoming shows. The Lonely H and Parts and Labor will be here in March. The manager of the Jackrabbit is new, too, so make sure you give him a hard time. Joe's (the diner end) is a staple to our area and has had some ruff times in the past months. Support them all you can!

I believe Mr. Christ Jay with the Robinson Film Center created a Facebook event. It's probably the only socially acceptable time to invite yourself to anything. I'd totally be there, but there's the I'm-not-21-yet. But you can tell me about it!

photo credit: oh it's amanda

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20 February 2008

In Depth View of Norther Star at NIU, Speaks Volumes of Student Media

I just found this on Sara Hebert's blog. Fresh Cut recently published a video shadowing the staff of Nothern Illinois University's newspaper. Northern Star staffers used technologies that gave them a particular edge on information the day after the incident. Facebook and cell phones are changing the face of journalism.

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19 February 2008

Colour Revolt Coming to Shreveport, Harlequin Alley

Holy Hell! Again another amazing poster Shannon Palmer. Who is this person? I want to buy her lunch!

the dirty:
Colour Revolt, Peekers, Porcealin Arms, Jaguar Shark, & And, Wellington
Sunday, March 9th @ 7p / $10
Harlequin Alley (516 Texas Street)

What makes the headliner so special?  Well, maybe it's because they're a cool indie rock band from Oxford, Mississippi. Oh yeah, with looks to kill. And about 22 thousand Myspace Friends to help out. Shreveport, get pumped.

The show, according to the Facebook Event, will be All Ages and cost $10 at the door. Doors open at 6p and the show will begin at 7p. Of course, alcohol will be available for those over the age of 21.

The show is a collaborative effort between Flentge Productions and Carbomb Productions. Mark Flentge, head of FP, states "this is going to probably be one of the biggest shows to hit our area in a long while."

Should be a great mix of local artists and other state-ly talents. Visit the Facebook Event for updates.

les MySpaces
Colour Revolt
Porcelain Arms
The Peekers
The Infamous Jaguar Shark
and, Wellington

photo credit: Mark Flentge & Shannon Palmer

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17 February 2008

[Update] Rumor: Bloc Party and Ben Folds Coming to Shreveport, Centenary

I've spoken to the Fighting Squirrels people on campus and they (as of Tuesday's meeting) haven't reached a contract with the band(s). Essentially, they haven't fully booked an artist. Meanwhile, the actual transcript from the Preview Weekend pamphlets reads as follows:

"Preview Weekend April 4&5: an opportunity for admitted students to explore centenary.
Stay overnight and enjoy a concert featuring Ben Folds, block party, games and more! Be sure to save the date, more information is coming your way soon."

So, looks like Ben Folds is the main performer (still unconfirmed), while a physical block party will take place, on a -umm- block. This is slightly disheartening, but it's all still very unconfirmed. Expect updates soon. And visit centenarytickets.com for other updates.

Thanks for the info KC!

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Rumor: Bloc Party and Ben Folds Coming to Shreveport, Centenary

Just got word last night from a prospective student.

It appears that Centenary has unleashed a series of packets announcing that both Bloc Party and Ben Folds will headline a concert in Centenary's Gold Dome on Thursday, April 3rd. The event will be hosted by Admissions and Fighting Squirrels who have hosted comedians and musicians in the past, including Marc Broussard and Better than Ezra.

The concert is the crescendo of Preview Weekend, which is the last major event to bring in students for the coming year. Right now, the Preview Weekend url is hidden. The usual ticket price is $15 for the public, $10 for Centenary students, and free to prospective students. Tickets will be sold at centenarytickets.com. Alas, no info there either. If you're still in high school, it would be wise to send your info to the the Admissions Office. Maybe you'll get to attend the concert for free.

The Ben Folds website doesn't mention any concerts in Shrevport, but lists a show at Missouri State University on April 2nd and Murray State University on April 7th. Both blocparty.com and blocparty.net mention a show in London on February 28th as the only show for the year. It would be pricey to fly the bands to Shreveport. Alas, I am sure there is money to spend.

If this rumor is confirmed, I'll post as soon as I know. It would be oh-so-nice to get an interview with both bands and record the live concert.

phot credit kk+

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16 February 2008

Centenary's Paper Now Online

Anyone wanting an exclusive look at Centenary's student-run newspaper now has a chance at theccconglomerate.com. Versha Sharma, the Conglomerate's editor, is thrilled to put the paper online. The rest of the school will be thrilled once they wake up to the location of the site. The site launched officially today. Beyond offering features, arts & entertainment, sports, and opinion sections, the site also includes handy Digg and Facebook sharing links.

Any visitor can view the website and read articles. Also, anyone can post comments and create an account. There's a "Classifieds" and "Message Board" section for anyone to post relevant Centenary information. This could be a great tool for anyone wishing to reach a large number of Centenary students for free. Post a note in the Classifieds. Comment on the articles. The site encourages interaction between readers.

-a personal note-
I'm thrilled that another Centenary medium has made its way into the digital space known as the internet. It was a lot of work getting KSCL's blog and podcast going in the late summer of '07 and now the paper's online. This is great for the Shreveport community and allows another medium to reach outside of Centenary's -somewhat- closeted campus. Enjoy it!

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11 February 2008

KSCL 91.3 FM Exclusive Interview with Dr. Barbara Forrest

We recorded an extensive interview with Dr. Barbara Forrest the day after she came to Centenary to present a lecture detailing the political and religious aims of the intelligent design movement.

In the interview, she explains evolutionary theory, creationism, and how creationism led to intelligent design. She details the intelligent design movement's theories and strategies.

We also got her to comment on the interesting questions she received from the community after the lecture on Thursday.

Here's the interview.


09 February 2008

Two Great Shows Tonight!

Wanted to point two shows going on in Shreveport tonight.
The first will be at the Jackrabbit Lounge (163 E Kings). The second will be at The Warehouse (630 Commerce). Both Shows are $5. The show at the Jackrabbit will be the manager's going away show. It'll be Jen's last night to work at Joe's so, it most likely will be a wild send off. The bands are Power Pellut, RaRa, and the Peekers.

The show at The Warehouse is Why The Hell Not?'s multi-CD release party. Dan Garner, Mr. Christopher, the Dark Pop Project, and the Hoodlum Circus are playing. For those in the know, our own DJ Camille is in the Hoodlum Circus. There's more info on the show at Trudeau's blog. Enjoy the night!

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05 February 2008

Rivers Cuomo -- "Alone" Music Review

I must start by telling you I cannot consider myself a fan of the band Weezer. In middle school during the early ‘00’s… well, maybe I did sing along to their hits “Buddy Holly” and “Hashpipe”. And I’m not ashamed to say I loved their album Pinkerton. It was fresh and rotten all at the same time, and it had a sense of pop music made in a basement. But I love Pinkerton, not Weezer.

So I have a similar relationship with Rivers Cuomo. As the lead singer of Weezer I dislike him; as a solo artist he surprises and impresses me. He has helped sell Weezer until their music has sounded shrink-wrapped and more studio-packaged than a pile of week-old hamburger meat from a Food Lion grocery store. However, this 2008 release Alone: the Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo is quite refreshing.

The eighteen tracks on Alone were recorded with equipment that Cuomo bought in his teen years and the content of this music spans a couple of decades with influences from genres of rap, metal, and underground rock. Some of the songs were written while in high school, others while Rivers was attending Harvard University, and still others of these recordings were prototypes of songs that Weezer would distort into produced pop music.

Included on the album is a slowed-down, buzzy version of “Buddy Holly” which actually contains remnants of emotional response and even some organ backing. Also there is a series of tracks that run together to form a sci-fi/romance operetta written by Cuomo.

Overall this solo project of Rivers Cuomo is such a joy because it recalls the spirit of Pinkerton. There is a freedom in the music that even Cuomo addresses in the liner notes of Alone. He basically tells the listener that recording in private without the pressure of a recording studio and a producer allowed for more free-flowing creativity to assemble. It pleases me as a music lover to hear an artist admit that sometimes creativity is more important that making money.

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"Inside Creationism's Trojan Horse: A Closer Look at Intelligent Design"


is the lecture that will be presented by Dr. Barbara Forrest Thursday, February 7th in Kilpatrick auditorium on Centenary campus.

Dr. Forrest is a philosophy professor in the Department of History and Political Science at Southeastern Louisiana University and will present a lecture which details the political and religious aims of the intelligent design creationist movement.

She will also be speaking about her role in the landmark 2005 trial, Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover School Area District on Saturday, Feb. 9, in the Louisiana State University-Shreveport Science Lecture Room beginning at 2 p.m. The title of her lecture at LSUS is "Slam Dunk for Science and the Constitution: Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District."

Dr. Forrest has served as an expert witness for the plaintiffs in the first legal case involving intelligent design, Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District, which originated in Dover, Pa., and was resolved with a judgment in favor of the plaintiffs in December 2005.

She is a member of the board of directors of the National Center for Science Education and the National Advisory Council of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. She has appeared on Larry King Live, ABC's Nightline, the BBC’s Horizon documentary about the Kitzmiller trial, "A War on Science," and PBS’s Nova documentary about the Kitzmiller trial, "Judgment Day."

Dr. Forrest will be available before and after the lecture to sign copies of her book, which will be for sale at the lecture.

We'll be interviewing Dr. Forrest and that interview as well as the program itself should be aired next week. It will be up on the podcast shortly after.

In summary:

Dr. Barbara Forrest lectures on Intelligent Design/Creationism
8 pm on Thursday, February 7th
Kilpatrick Auditorium, Centenary College

The interview is available at this post.
[Update: link to podcast episode added (12:01a 3/21/08)]